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Sweet tooth? Sweeteners that I recommend

Sweet Tooth?

We have many options for how to sweeten food these days, particularly considering the abundant artificial and natural sugar substitutes on the market. Most of us want to eat sweet things on a regular basis, but with Diabetes and obesity so prevalent these days, warning about the dangers of too much sugar has become a…
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Vegan Challenge Dinner plate

Take the Vegan Challenge

Something I often recommend for clients is to go whole-foods/vegan for a period of time, as well as sugar- and wheat-free.  I am not against eating meat or dairy; in fact, I eat a little of both in the form of clean animal products, raised sustainably and responsibly on small farms.  Yet, I believe that everyone should…
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prepared for Fresh Ideas For School Lunches

Fresh Ideas For School Lunches

It’s that time of year again. The weather will start to crisp, leaves will change and you will inevitably be stumped with what to make for your child’s school lunch. It can be a challenge; it needs to be quick and easy to prepare, nutritious, while also yummy so your child will eat it. You…
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Eat Real Food

Eat Real Food, For all the Right Reasons

We live in a culture of fast, flavorful and fattening. We are growing not just by the number, but by the pound, and obesity is quickly becoming an epidemic. We are “starving” ourselves fat and grasping at straws to find a solution. We have a desperate dichotomy of desire for thinness and the inability to…
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Lentilles-du-Puy, French Lentils

Lentilles du Puy – French Lentils

Have you ever eaten french lentils? Those beautiful, tiny, marbled slate green and blue lentils. “The Queen of Lentils.”  “Lentilles du Puy.”  Grown in the rich volcanic soils of Puy, in south central France, French Lentils are hearty and intensely flavored.  The volcanic soils give these little delicate beauties their distinct peppery character. French lentils…
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Yogurt Greek vs Regular

Yogurt – Greek v Regular

What is the difference between Greek yogurt and regular yogurt? Are there health benefits of one over the other?  These days there seems to be a lot of hype about Greek yogurt, but is it really that much better? Let’s break things down with some pros and cons of Greek yogurt over regular yogurt. Pros:…
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