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Cleansing with the Seasons

Cleansing with the Seasons

The turn of the season is typically when I need a boost – some kind of change, something to shake me up and get me excited. Sometimes just the weather cooling or warming will do it, but to get a really good jolt, a kick in the pants, I do a body cleanse.

Cleansing with the Seasons turns me upside down, challenges my will, wrings me out, fills me, then stands me back up, straighter and stronger than before. I get a fresh perspective on life, a new and improved body and more energy than I had before.

Get Back to Center by Cleansing with the Seasons

I love changing things up. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoying imbibing as much as anyone. I am really a hedonist at heart. This can be challenging to balance when you have such a concern for healthy eating and living. Yet, I manage pretty well! I will reach a point where I’ve had all the fun and indulgence I’m comfortable with. Also, I tend to start eating or drinking things I normally wouldn’t, making my clothes a bit too tight…I know it’s time. Time to take a break, get back to my center, find my health, and enjoy the simplicity of eating minimally. Also while taking a break from the things that I know do not support my health.

A Personal Retreat

Just as one is drawn to do deep house cleaning in the spring or fall, your body asks for this to run well and function at its highest. It doesn’t need to be complicated, stressful or detailed. Just take a break – a personal retreat. Do everything you know to be healthy for one week. Exercise, practice yoga, meditate, eliminate sugar, alcohol and anything processed for the entire week. Take a break from those regular habits which are destructive, and jumpstart your health. Typically, I find that the benefits of that one week carry over. The will to delay gratification for the bigger rewards of health is renewed and strong.  The desire to continue that good feeling outweighs our urge to sabotage our health with the momentary pleasure that comes from indulging in things that will, in the end, just make us feel crummy.

Just a Week

Enjoy a vacation from poor behavior. You will feel better, look better and be higher-functioning with a brain power boost. Join a cleanse with The Kitchen Goddess or embark on your own.  It’s just a week of your life.  It might feel hard for the first few days, but the outcome of feeling really great is worth it.

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