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Get In To Micro-Greens!

Get In To Micro-Greens!

Get in to Microgreens sunflower sprouts

Do you remember when the only thing people knew about kale was that it made a nice green garnish on their plate at a restaurant? One of the healthiest of greens, wasted as a garnish and never eaten. Now we can’t get enough of it! Now, let’s talk about getting in to microgreens!

Well, have you heard of microgreens?  

Microgreens are little sprouts of young greens, and serve as the “new kale”, used as garnish in gourmet restaurants. What does kale have in common with microgreens besides being a great garnish?  I’ll tell you; microgreens, along with kale, are among the most nutrient rich foods on the planet. Like kale, I expect that people will soon be talking about them and trying to incorporate them as part of their healthy diet.

Let me tell you a little about microgreens.

Microgreens come from seeds that are grown in soil for about a week or two. The sprouts of these seeds are harvested at 1 to 3 inches long and cut near the soil. Studies show that microgreens have anywhere from 4 to 35 times the amount of nutrients of the mature leaves of full grown plants. That makes them incredibly nutritious; not to mention they are high in chlorophyll, enzymes and antioxidants.

So how can you use these babies?  

Microgreens can be used in smoothies, salads, soups, pressed into juice, on sandwiches and in stir-frys.  They are versatile and subtle in flavor, not to mention a beautiful and delicate addition to any dish.  My personal favorites are sunflower, broccoli and pea greens.

Microgreens are easily grown at home in something like a plastic spinach container, but we are lucky enough in Tallahassee to have The Best Little Greens business right here. Mary Lou Laslie, owner of The Best Little Greens, can supply you with all the micro-greens and sprouts you want. She is starting a CSA (community supported agriculture) group for these nutritious goodies.  Do your health a favor and incorporate this delicacy into your diet.  And remember, when going to a fancy restaurant, don’t let these little gems go to waste on your plate. Eat them!


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