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Go With You Travel

      On the Go with You 

You are getting older- maybe you are not driving any longer,
or only local distances…And you still want your freedom!
You want to travel, but not go it alone.
You still want to explore, but not quite up to doing it on your own.
Hit the road, hop on a train or jet-set away.
Explore the world or someplace close to home.You want a driver.
The security of someone with you, along the way.
Does this sound like you??
You want someone with you, but not just anyone

That Someone Needs to Be:·     

A pleasant person with whom to spend time       
A great conversationalist       
Someone comfortable with silence      
An active listener     
A fun companion      
An adventurous soul·       
A quick witted, intelligent comrade      
An advocate and friend 

Guess what? You are in luck!  

 Hi, I am Jill Welch. I have been a midwife and doula as well as private chef and health food educator for 23 years. I am ready for a new adventure in my life, so I am switching career paths.

I have a background in elder care and advocacy.

And I value the wisdom and lightheartedness that comes with ageing.

I understand the complications of ageing; losing some independence, but still having a desire to
explore and live a full life. I can help.

Call or email to inquire or schedule a trip today and get on my books. 
Daily, weekly and hourly rates available. 

Jill Welch, L.M.850-443-2953  

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