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Make 2019 Happy and Healthy

Make 2019 Happy and Healthy

Make 2019 Happy and Healthy

The beginning of the year is one of my favorite times, and I love making New Year resolutions (said no one but me ;-). 

Many people I know give up making them year after year, and refuse to, after so many well-intentioned but unfulfilled resolutions.  I on the other hand, love it, as they allow me a fresh start.  Making resolutions encourages me to reevaluate my year – what went well, and what could go better in the next year.  Of course, this can be done throughout the year – which I also do – but a new beginning is very significant for me.


Resolutions can feel like a chore for some people, and an opportunity to feel bad about yourself and your goals when they are not accomplished. You may even feel like your goals are unreachable.  Instead of making a long list of things you need to give up, try to just add some good to the mix.  Instead of saying, “No more sugar”, try adding in a fresh juice every day, or making a commitment to have a daily green smoothie.  Make it a positive experience, rather than a negative one.  It’s always easier, and feels better to add to, rather than take away from our life and routines.  Choose to make 2019 happy and healthy. By approaching it this way, you can have an exciting new addition to your life, rather than dreading all the things you are giving up.

Resolve to Add Positive and Healthy Things

Chances are, if you add more positive and healthy things, you will naturally give up things that don’t feel good to begin with.  How can you be happier and feel better?  Consider ways that your life could be enhanced; include those in the coming year.   Write them down, and revisit them regularly.  Better yet, make a theme for your year.  My theme this year is going to be:  “Get physical and eat more vegetables.”  Having a theme for my year helps me to remember what I want to do.  My commitment will be to run at least 10 minutes every day of 2019, and have a green smoothie each day.  That is enough to satisfy both of my theme goals, and I know that if I do those things daily, my less healthy habits will fall by the wayside.

Happy New Year!

I’m starting this year excited about these resolutions and feeling great in 2019.  Let’s make 2019 Happy and Healthy. If you see me, ask me how it’s going – or better yet, join me and tell me how it is going for you.  Happy New Year to you.  I hope it is your healthiest and happiest yet!

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