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My Favorite All-Natural Moisturizer

My Favorite All-Natural Moisturizer

my favorite all-natural moisturizer

If you are like me you wade through the health food store cosmetics isle looking for the most natural product, and usually end up frustrated because even though you are in a health food store, you can’t find something you like that is 100% natural.

You find many products with mostly natural items on the label, and with only a few questionable ingredients. And a few less that have a couple questionable ingredients, but maybe one choice that is 100% natural- and if you don’t like the feel or scent, you are out of luck.

I personally will not buy anything that is not 100% natural. I am a “purest” in that since. The food I buy and eat and the beauty and cosmetic products, as well as cleaning products, have to be all-natural. Luckily (excluding certain situations), you can control what you are exposed to in your home, which besides where you work is the place you will likely spend most of your time. I need my home to be chemical free and I need what I put on or in my body to be healthy as well. I believe that consuming and living naturally, contributes to my overall good health.

Parkinson’s disease and some cancers, as well as some other health problems, have been linked to chemical exposure. Why risk it when you can easily control it?? And those chemicals add up. Maybe each thing you are exposed to, and there are probably hundreds of chemicals in a day (depending on where you work or what you do with your days), is a small amount, maybe even at allowable and “non-dangerous” levels , but it adds up! The moments of exposure in a day, the days in a week, the weeks in a month… and you get the picture. That ends up being a lot of chemical exposure in a lifetime. A lot of chemicals for a body to process.

I would rather eliminate exposure where I can, where I have control and not worry about the rest of the time. Which is why I use baking soda and Dr, Bronners liquid soap, or white vinegar for cleaning, and same reason I use a baking soda, sea salt toothpaste for brushing and the list goes on… I want to breathe in clean fresh air, not some chemical cleaner.

I want to be sure that what I put on my body is also something I could eat. If it is toxic to eat it is not going on my body. So, taking my health into my own hands, I have made my own. And it gets such good reviews (from friends 😉), I am sharing it with you and making it available to purchase. It feels like whipped butter and this batch looks like it too- I am using a type of shea butter that is yellow (and beautiful!). The ingredients are, of course, 100% natural, unrefined and organic; also traded fairly, vegan and cruelty free. And your body will love it! It is lightly scented with lavender and neroli.

The ingredients are simple: Shea butter, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, carrot seed oil and essential oils. Simple, and safe enough for your baby’s bottom, your face, body and hands and no bees wax (some find bees wax clogging to the pores). It is whipped so the feel is luxurious and only takes a small amount to spread- so it lasts- unless you are like me and use it constantly; under makeup, on hands after washing, and after bathing.

So, it is here and it is available for purchase. Right now, it comes in a 4-ounce bottle, but possibly in the future we will make it available in larger amounts, for those that use a lot, like me. Oh, and check out the label! My good friend who is a graphic designer and photographer, Inga, made it for me. I think it is beautiful.

You may want to know what the KBG stands for? It is Kitchen Beauty (or bedroom 😉) Goddess. It is an offshoot of The Kitchen Goddess (TKG) and it means that what you put on your body could be made in the kitchen and should be safe for eating.

For now, it is $24 for a 4 oz bottle, with shipping added. Order it and see what you think. And let me know how you like the scent and what you might like better. I could tweak future batches and, possibly make to order, but I am happy with this one. In the next month or so it may be available in retail stores, but for now you must order it here. Enjoy and give me feedback. And remember to treat your body like it’s the only one you have. Xoxo, KBG

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