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Pregnant Person

For the Pregnant Woman or Family

Pregnant? Have pregnancy related questions? Do you need more nutritional guidance, someone to listen to you, or more time with a midwife? Do you require more time with your midwife and/or doctor? Call this midwife and get your questions answered!

Need to process a traumatic birth experience in order to help you prepare for your next birth?

Today midwives and doctors are extremely busy and may have difficulty spending more than 10- 20 minutes per visit with their clients. They may not have time to spend answering your questions or you may feel rushed and forget to ask, until after your visit.

I am a licensed midwife and available to answer pregnancy related questions or listen to you as you work through pregnancy, birth and parenting decisions, a hard past birth experience or just need some one on one attention with an active and empathetic listener.

This service does not take the place of your doctor or midwife but is intended to support and enhance your pregnancy experience.

Get the support you need from a licensed, professional midwife. All calls are confidential and private. $60 for 30 minutes. $60 minimum and rate increases by $30 in 15 minute increments. Email for more information- Or message here

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