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Sprouted Grains for Your Health

Sprouted Grains for Your Health

Sprouted Grains for Your Health

A couple of weeks ago, I posted an article about the benefits of soaking raw nuts and seeds. Well, not only is it beneficial to soak nuts and seeds, but also grains and beans.

As I explained, soaking starts the sprouting process and removes enzyme inhibitors as well as phytic acid. This makes them more digestible, and their nutrients more available.

When you eat sprouted grain breads, not only do you get the above mentioned benefits – you are also eating a more slowly absorbed carbohydrate. The slower the sugar absorption, the easier job your pancreas has.  

Let’s consider what happens, for example, with a typical store-bought, refined white sandwich bread. The flour this bread is made from has been refined so that all of the vital nutrients that were originally in the grain are removed, essentially reducing it to a form of sugar.

You eat this, and within about 15 minutes you experience a “sugar high”. About 2 hours later, you have a significant blood sugar drop and you feel tired and possibly panicky and unsatisfied.

So what happened? You ate a simple carbohydrate (sugar), and your pancreas released a big shot of insulin which spiked your blood sugar.  After just a short time passes, this big spike levels out and has a dramatic drop.

All of the work your body did to process this bread puts a lot of stress on your pancreas, making you feel terrible. Do this over and over again and it can eventually cause insulin resistance, which is a recipe for diabetes.

When you eat unrefined whole grain bread, you give your body an easier time handling the sugar load.

The carbohydrate in this type of bread is absorbed more slowly and induces the pancreas to release less insulin, causing less of a spike.  It is easier on the body, but still somewhat stressful.  

However, when you eat sprouted grain breads, especially sprouted sourdough, your body has the easiest time maintaining normal insulin levels.  The glycemic index on sprouted grain breads is very low.  It doesn’t register as stress on your organs, and therefore keeps your pancreas healthy and lowers your risk of diabetes.

You can find these breads in your local health food store.  Try it for yourself, and see how you feel after experimenting with sprouted grain breads versus other breads.

Bean sprouts sprouting Image by อานันท์ วงศ์วาสนา from Pixabay


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