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Take the Vegan Challenge

Take the Vegan Challenge

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Something I often recommend for clients is to go whole-foods/vegan for a period of time, as well as sugar- and wheat-free.  I am not against eating meat or dairy; in fact, I eat a little of both in the form of clean animal products, raised sustainably and responsibly on small farms.  Yet, I believe that everyone should try to eat vegan for a period of time, whether it be a week, a month or a year.  It is a great culinary and health experience, valuable for many reasons.

Why Take the Vegan Challenge?

Here’s how I believe one can benefit from this. First of all, you get out of the meat “rut”. Most people eat too much meat and lack creativity in meal preparation. The general tendency is to base each meal around meat. Limiting yourself to vegan meals for a period of time opens up a whole new world of possibilities. You have to read cookbooks, look up recipes, and think outside of the box for meal ideas. You learn to think about your protein source and get creative, while vegetables become the bigger focus of meals.  

Imitation Meat

I should emphasize that I do not recommend “fake”, imitation meats. Many of them are highly processed, soy based, with lots of weird additives and non-real food ingredients. Instead, eat beans, quinoa, millet, tempeh, tofu (on occasion), nuts, and seeds to get adequate protein. Make vegetables your main dish and grains and protein the side dishes.

You’ll notice the difference you feel in your body and energy levels on this type of diet. When I first experimented in this way 20 years ago, I lost 15 pounds, gained a ton of energy and stopped getting hives on my skin. I also gained much of my present cooking knowledge and experience. To this day, I eat mostly vegetables with everything else in moderation on the side.

Enjoy the Path to Better Health and Longevity

So take the challenge and take a break from meat and dairy for a while. See how you feel, learn some new recipes and, as a great side benefit, cut your grocery bill in half! When you come back to eating meat and dairy, you will have a whole new list of healthy, creative, colorful and delicious foods to incorporate into your diet.  In reality, you will most likely eat less meat as a result of your new confidence in cooking, and new collection of recipes. You’ll be on the path to better health and longevity that come from a vegetable-based diet, and enjoy a lighter, more energetic body.   Visit for recipe ideas.

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