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A Time To Give Thanks

A Time To Give Thanks

A Time To Give Thanks

The act of being thankful is useful and important.

The ideas of thankfulness, love, togetherness and family make Thanksgiving one of my favorite holidays. I think the act of being thankful is useful and important, not just on Thanksgiving, but every day. Being thankful allows us to notice all of the good in our lives. I’ve found that when I start listing things I am thankful for, the list just keeps expanding and multiplying indefinitely. I like to do this practice anytime, but especially when I am feeling down, struggling with the blues, and focusing on the negative. It serves as a great reminder of how good my life really is.

I am very grateful.

One of the things I am very grateful for is how bountiful and rich with food I always feel. I am very intentional about my food choices. Fortunately, I have enough resources to buy quality food, almost always have an abundance of it, utilize what I have very effectively (meaning I hardly waste food) and greatly enjoy the pleasure of sharing and giving food to my family and friends.

Another reason I love Thanksgiving is because it celebrates food – just like me! I don’t always eat turkey for my Thanksgiving meal. If I’m in charge of the dinner and I decide to cook turkey, I always choose a bird from a small farm; one that is thoughtful and sustainable in its farming practices. I like to feel good about how the bird was raised, what it was fed and how it lived and died. I want to eat healthy meat, when eating meat, from animals that had a happy, healthy life and died with little trauma.

A Thanksgiving meal should always be delicious and fun to prepare. Sometimes, I’ll opt for a themed meal, a decadent lobster dinner, or gather friends to help make a stuffed tofu turkey. Whatever I choose, I’m sure to make enough for leftovers – the best part! I like to have a big breakfast the day after Thanksgiving, invite some friends or family over and use the leftovers to create a yummy and festive meal.

And then breakfast…

My favorite thing to make the next morning, and my family’s tradition since I was a child, is poached eggs over toast with leftover turkey (or shitake pecan) gravy on top, a side of potato pancakes (from the leftover mashed potatoes) and some cranberry relish – homemade of course. I am not always traditional when it comes to holidays and cooking, but I love this tradition and can’t wait until tomorrow!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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