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Two-Day Detox For Better Health

Two-Day Detox For Better Health

Two-Day Detox

No time for a 7-day cleanse? Get cleanse benefits in 2 days with a two-day detox!  There are so many options for taking a break from high impact foods. You know, the ones you eat on occasion or possibly daily, like bread, sugar, processed foods, etc. Those high impact foods are typically easier to get your hands on, and quicker to grab and go. The busy lifestyle foods, the ones that can take their toll; make you feel less vibrant, less energetic and less lively in the long run.

Two-Day Detox Quick Cleanse Benefits

So, if you want to get some quick cleanse benefits and get a little reset, well then, take a break for two days. This can look several ways: you could take a break by intermittent fasting, or drinking only liquids for two days or just limiting what and how much you eat. Try this for a quick recharge: eat minimally and only vegetables, nuts, seeds, avocado and some less-sweet fruit. You will take all processed foods, sugar, alcohol, meat and dairy out of the diet for two days. This way you will only be eating and drinking pure and natural plant foods.

Green Smoothies, Fresh Juices, Vegetables, Nuts, Seeds and Avocados

So, what will you eat? Try this: Have green smoothies, blended vegetable soups, and steamed vegetables, and some vegetable juices if you have a juicer. Practice in those two days what you do if you were taking the best care of yourself; if self-care were the priority. Exercise, drink plenty of water, write in a journal, meditate, do yoga etc. A two-day retreat can act as a reset and a reminder of how good it feels to take good care. You do not have to stop working but take a little break from other activities. Try and fit all those activities in that make you feel good and well-cared for and you will be on your way to more self-care in the future.

Consider trying out a shift and feeling the benefits of a quick cleanse. Let me know what you do to reset.

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    Yes! Im trying this over the weekend!

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